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Warren Peacock - We Coach Traders

We Coach Traders

Warren Peacock first found the financial markets interesting while working as a ship broker with commodity traders as clients. He started trading shares in 2003 using Technical Analysis. Warren then began teaching and coaching other traders in 2005 on various markets including forex, warrants and futures on shares and indices using technical analysis.

He now trades shares and CFD's on shares, as well as CFD's on the Top40 index. His true passion is teaching and coaching other people to become confident in their chosen market. Warren was a lecturer for Share Direct and traveled around South Africa and Namibia teaching clients. Warren was also head of education for Ideal CFD's and head of education and an analyst for IG Markets.

Warren has appeared as an analyst on various radio stations as well as on the CNBC Africa, HotStoxx program. He is now head coach and owner of The Traders Place which specialises in coaching traders on physical shares as well as CFD's, Futures and Index trading. He still trades the SA40 Index and Stocks using CFD's as well as physicals.

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