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Market Commentary

01 Mar 2016 – TA Report


Click here TA Report 01 Mar

24 Feb – TA Report GBPUSD and USDJPY


TA Report 24 Feb GBPUSD and USDJPY

23 Feb – TA Report on Indices and GBP/JPY


TA Report 23 Feb

21 Jan – TA Report


TA Report 21 Jan

20 Jan16 – TA Report


TA Report 20 Jan

Volume and volume indicators


Volume is hugely important when trading, without it you really don’t have any signals at all. In this webcast Warren will look at the all important volume and volume indicators that one can use when trading t add an edge to your trading systems.

30 June – TA Report


Click here TA Report 30 June

26 June – TA Report: ALSI/DAX/DOW and four potential shares


CLICK HERE TA Report 26 June

24 June – TA Report


CLICK HERE TA Report 24 June

23 June – TA Report: NPN


CLICK HERE TA Report 23 June

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