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What We Do

We Coach Traders

Many of us have started off in the shares market by attending courses and reading books on successful trading strategies. As you know, by now, it is very different once you are trading the live market to maintain your discipline and trade your plan based on a successful strategy that suites your personality.

Every now and again you wish you had a coach that would answer your questions and support you when the market changes and of course during uncertain times.

Your trading coach will give you assistance on the Equity, Single Stock Futures, Index Futures, or Forex markets.

Most successful traders win because they have a trading plan, a core strategy, alternative strategies and discipline.

We provide one-on-one coaching to you, the trader, and a full analysis of:

  • Your trading plan
  • Your core strategy
  • Your alternative strategies (total trading knowledge)
  • Assistance with creating or enhancing your trading plan and strategies
  • Pointers on your approach to trading
  • Ways to improve your discipline

Once you have all of the above in place your coach will help you to trade the plan….

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First Meeting

The first meeting will assess your experience and requirements with regards to the trading process; we will cover your goals and help you decide on how to proceed. Which steps you want to take are up to you, the process is designed to help you make decisions and clearly define your expectations.

A minimum of two hours is usually required for the first meeting in order to asses your requirements and experience level and will result in your understanding of where you are in trading.

You are welcome to meet with us to discuss any topic of your choice, it is advisable that you send us an agenda 2 days prior to the meeting to enable us to prepare a quality discussion.

Coaching Process

The coaching program is very much dependent on your requirements and can be discussed during the first meeting. The basic format is two hours per week one on one time to discuss all aspects of your trading but is also flexible allowing you to access your trading coach when necessary.

Skype and E-mail Support

We offer meetings, workshops and support via Skype and e-mail 5 days a week.


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